00000C Cisco 
00000E Fujitsu 
00000F NeXT 
000011 Tektronix 
000015 Datapoint Corporation 
00001B Eagle Technology 
000022 Visual Technology 
000044 Castelle 
00004C NEC Corporation 
00005E U.S. Department of Defense (IANA) 
000061 Gateway Communications 
000062 Honeywell 
000065 Network General 
00006B MIPS 
00006E Artisoft, Incorporated 
00006F Madge Networks, Limited 
000073 DuPont 
000075 Bell Northern Research (BNR) 
00007D Cray Research Superservers, Incorporated 
000080 Cray Communications 
000081 Synoptics 
000083 Optical Data Systems(Tadpole Technology) 
000083 Tadpole Technology (Optical Data Systems) 
000086 Gateway Communications 
000089 Cayman Systems 
00008A Datahouse Information Systems 
000093 Proteon 
000094 Asante 
000098 Cross Com(bought by 3 COM) 
000098 3 COM bought Cross Com 
0000A2 Wellfleet(bought by Bay Networks) 
0000A2 Bay Networks bought Wellfleet 
0000A8 Stratus Computer Incorporated 
0000AA Xerox 
0000AC Apollo 
0000B1 Alpha Microsystems, Incorporated 
0000C0 Western Digital(now SMC) 
0000C0 SMC (Was Western Digital) 
0000C6 HP Intelligent Networks Operation(was Eon Systems) 
0000C6 Eon Systems(now HP Intelligent Networks Operation) 
0000D1 Adaptec, Incorporated 
0000D3 Wnag Labs 
0000D7 Dartmouth College 
0000E2 Acer Counterpoint 
0000E3 Integrated Micro Products, Ltd. 
0000EF Alantec 
0000F0 Samsung 
0000F6 A.M.C. (Applied Microsystems Corporation) 
0000F6 Applied Microsystems Corporation (A.M.C.) 
0000F8 DEC 
000163 NDC (National Datacomm Corporation) 
000163 National Datacomm Corporation (NDC) 
0001C8 Thomas Conrad Corp. 
0001FA Compaq (PageMarq printers) 
0001FA PageMarq printers (Compaq) 
000204 Novell NE3200 
000205 Hamilton (Sparc Clones) 
000205 Sparc Clones (Hamilton) 
000502 Apple (PCI bus Macs) 
000502 PCI bus Macs (Apple) 
000701 Racal-Datacom 
002048 Fore Systems, Inc. 
002061 Dynatech Communications, Inc. 
002067 Node Runner, Inc. 
002094 Cubix Corp. 
0020A6 Proxim, Inc. 
0020AF 3COM 
0020D2 RAD Data Communications, Ltd. 
0020F8 Carrera Computers, Inc. 
00400C General Micro Systems, Inc. 
00400D LANNET Data Communications 
004023 Logic Corp. 
004025 Molecular Dynamics 
004028 Netcomm 
004032 Digital Communications 
004033 Addtron Technology Co., Ltd. 
004054 Thinking Machines Corporation 
004057 Lockheed-Sanders 
004068 Extended Systems 
00406F Sync Research, Inc. 
004074 Cable and Wireless 
004076 AMP Incorporated 
004088 Mobuis 
00408C Axis Communications AB 
004095 Eagle Technologies 
00409A Network Express, Inc. 
00409D DigiBoard 
00409E Concurrent Technologies, Ltd. 
00409F Lancast/Casat Technology, Inc. 
0040A6 Cray Research, Inc. 
0040B4 3COM K.K. 
0040C2 Applied Computing Devices 
0040C5 Micom Communications Corp. 
0040C6 Fibernet Research, Inc. 
0040C8 Milan Technology Corp. 
0040CC Silcom Manufacturing Technology, Inc. 
0040DF Digalog Systems, Inc. 
0040E5 Sybus Corporation, Inc. 
0040EA PlainTree Systems Inc. 
0040ED Network Controls International, Inc. 
0040F0 Micro Systems, Inc. 
0040FB Cascade Communications Corp. 
0040FF Telebit 
00608C 3Com 
008000 Multitech Systems, Inc. 
008006 Compuadd 
00800F SMC (Standard Microsystem Corp.) 
00800F Standard Microsystem Corp. (SMC) 
008010 Commodore 
008013 Thomas Conrad Corp. 
008019 Dayna Communications 
00801A Bell Atlantic 
00801B Kodiak Technology 
008021 Newbridge Networks Corp. 
008023 Integrated Business Networks 
008024 Kalpana 
008026 Network Products Corp. 
008029 Microdyne 
00802A Test Systems & Simulations, Inc. 
00802C The Sage Group PLC 
00802E Plexcom, Inc. 
008038 Data Research & Applications 
00803E Synernetics 
00803F Hyundai Electronics 
008043 Networld, Inc. 
008048 Commodore 
008057 Adsoft, Ltd. 
00805B Condor Systems, Inc. 
00805F Compaq 
008060 Network Interface Corp. 
008072 Microplex Systems, Ltd. 
008079 Microbus Designs, Ltd. 
00807B Artel Communications Corp. 
00807C FiberCom 
008087 Okidata 
008090 Microtek International, Inc. 
00809A Novus Networks, Ltd. 
0080A1 Microtest 
0080A3 Lantronix 
0080AD Telebit 
0080AE Hughes Network Systems 
0080B1 Softcom A/S 
0080C7 Xircom, Inc. 
0080C8 D-Link 
0080D3 Shiva 
0080D8 Network Peripherals 
0080F3 Sun Electronics Corp. 
0080FE Azure Technologies, Inc. 
00AA00 Intel 
00B0D0 Computer Products International 
00C007 Pinnacle Data Systems, Inc. 
00C00D Advanced Logic Research, Inc. 
00C013 Netrix 
00C017 Fluke 
00C01B Socket Communications 
00C01C Interlink Communications, Ltd. 
00C01D Grand Junction Networks, Inc. (now owned by Cisco) 
00C01D Cisco (now owns Grand Junction Networks, Inc.) 
00C021 Netexpress 
00C025 Dataproducts Corporation 
00C027 Cipher Systems, Inc. 
00C02E Netwiz 
00C031 Design Research Systems, Inc. 
00C033 Telebit 
00C036 Raytech Electronic, Corp. 
00C039 Silicon Systems 
00C04D Mitec, Ltd. 
00C04F 3 Com
00C051 Advanced Integration Research 
00C055 Modular Computing Technologies 
00C058 Dataexpert Corp. 
00C064 General Datacomm Ind, Inc. 
00C065 Scope Communications, Inc. 
00C06D Boca Research, Inc. 
00C080 Netstar, Inc. 
00C081 Metrodata, Ltd. 
00C087 UUNET Technologies, Inc. 
00C08E Network Information Technology 
00C09F Quanta Computer, Inc. 
00C0A0 Advance Micro Research, Inc. 
00C0AA Silicon Valley Computer 
00C0AB Jupiter Technology, Inc. 
00C0B0 GCC Technologies, Inc. 
00C0B3 Comstat Datacomm 
00C0B5 Corporate Network Systems, Inc. 
00C0B6 Meridian Data, Inc. 
00C0B7 American Power Conversion Corp. 
00C0B9 Funk Software, Inc. 
00C0BA Netvantage 
00C0C2 Infinite Networks, Ltd. 
00C0CB Control Technology Corporation 
00C0ED US Army Electronic Proving Ground 
00C0F3 Network Communications Corp. 
00C0F4 Interlink System Co., Ltd. 
00C0FA Canary Communications, Inc. 
020701 Racal-Datacom 
020060 3Com 
02608C 3Com 
080001 Computer Vision 
080002 3Com 
080007 Apple 
080009 Hewlett-Packard 
08000A Nestar Systems 
08000B Unisys 
08000F SMC (Standard Microsystem Corp.) 
08000F Standard Microsystem Corp. (SMC) 
080011 Tektronix, Inc. 
08001B Data General 
08001E Apollo 
08001F Sharp 
080020 Sun 
08002B DEC 
08002F Prime Computer 
080030 CERN 
08003E Motorola 
080046 Sony 
08005A IBM 
080069 Silicon Graphics 
080079 Silicon Graphics 
080087 Xyplex 
080089 Kinetics 
08008F Chipcom (now owned by 3COM) 
08008F 3COM (owns Chipcom) 
09006A AT&T 
10005A IBM 
38E60A Xiaomi